Press release

Porsche Taycan Tour to visit at Germany’s biggest Corporate-HPC-Hub

With eLoaded, HoGaKa Profi GmbH is building up the probably most modern and largest company charging zone in Germany. Currently 30 High-Power-Charging (HPC) points with up to 280kW charging power each, are being built at HoGaKa Profi’s Headquarter in Ulm

But somehow, everything is different! No visible metal boxes, no audible ventilation, free pedestrian walks, enough parking space, a disabled parking place with charging infrastructure – all that on a private owned area and yet accessible for public users.

The specialty: eLoaded embedded the entire charging infrastructure in the ecosystem around the company to make it usable for company cars, customers, residents and other enthusiastic electric vehicle (EV) drivers. The uniqueness of that concept was also the reason to bring this spot on the agenda of a Porsche Taycan EV-Tour, which took place on the 28th of September. This put 24 motivated Taycan-Driver in a position to convince themselves on hands of a first demo station about concept, integration, hardware and software. Additional information was shared during the evening event.

Mr. Thomas Eifert, executive partner of HoGaKa Profi GmbH:

I wanted to become our site ready for future, in a sustainable way. That’s the reason why we build up more than charging infrastructure. We build up a small decentral grid here, which grants the room for a symbiosis between local energy production – by a large-scaled photovoltaic (PV) system on our own building – and charging infrastructure. That will not only support our fleet management and employees, it will be also accessible to our customers and neighbors. As a matter of course, we are happy to share our knowledge and experience under the umbrella of such events.

But why an eHub with 30 charging points and a charging power of up to 280kW for fleet, employees, customer and residents?

Mr. Florian Eifert, Registered Manager of HoGaKa Profi GmbH:

We want to be able, to provide green and scalable energy to our employees, customers and residents – this requires a high level of flexibility in terms of charging management. Our company and customers are very dynamic. Slow charging infrastructure would require a higher number of charging points and a much more complex fleet management. A power input of 1.2MW from grid gets supplemented by a 300kWp PV system. This grants us to distribute almost 1.5MW through the different charging points. The power allocation happens fully on demand, flexible and easy.

An additional unique feature of the eLoaded solution is – apart of the hidden technology – the utilization of heat loss which is a waste product of the charging process. Other solutions on the market exhaust this energy – which is about 5% of the input energy – to the environment. But eLoaded reuses this valuable energy as a heating source for buildings or infrastructure. A fully liquid cooled system makes that possible. At HoGaKa, this is used to defreeze the parking and walking zone which makes them all time safely accessible.

That the principle of company-eHubs with semi-public charging infrastructure will become a success story is proven by first concepts for other facilities, which originates from the great experience in Ulm.

After a visit of the facility and other driving experience in the Porsche Taycan, the day ended up at Hotel LAGO, Ulm. There, the event got completed by an information meeting, where eLoaded gave exciting insights to the future of mobility as well as the change for entrepreneurs and fleet managers. eLoaded explained how potential obstacle can be switched to an opportunity for new business.

We thank Porsche Center Ulm / Neu-Ulm and all participants as well as supporters for the great organization and an electrifying day! Due to the success and positive feedback that we have received, a brand-independent mobility and energy forum is now under discussion.